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ASC Klinika
Prague CZ
07.12.2016 19:00

Piotr Armianovski, Kseniya Marchenko, Kateryna Gornostai

On the east
by Piotr Armianovski/ 8:38 min/ 2015
Volodia- hero of revolution
by Piotr Armianovski/ 13:00min/ 2015
Who Owns Crimea? Festival of Annexation”
by Kseniya Marchenko/ 19:38min/ 2015
Maidan is everywhere
by Kateryna Gornostai/ 37:20/ 2015

Návštěva project is happy to announce its 4th event, with a bit changed structure. Instead of the presentation of only one artist, we focus on three young filmakers from Ukraine, whose work reflect dreary situation in their country. The common feature is an experimental approach to documentary form.

Very personal and intimate sight by filmaker Kataryny Gornostai, depicting the „never-ending“ year which has started with Maidan revolution and the outbreak of the war. Performer Piotr Armaniovski brings the eastern view from the cities Donetsk and Kramatorsk within two of his videos :„Volodia-Hero of revolution“ and „On the East“ . In the experimental video-reportage Who Owns Crimea? Festival of Annexation” , the journalist and documentarist Ksenyia Marchenko went to join one of the social rituals, the New Year's Day celebration in russian Crimea.

The evening guest is ukrainien historian Radko Mokryk, who spent quite a lot of time with Maidan revolution. He was born in Lviv and currently studies his Phd in FFUK in Prague. He is focusing on contemporary history of Eastern Europe, also working as a publicist for Czech and Ukrainien magazines.

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ASC Klinika
Prague, CZ

Julia Charlotte Richter

Promised Land
2013, HD, 16:9, sound, no dialogues, 11:21 min
Learning to Fly
2011, HD, sound, English subtitles, 08:45 min
Down the Rabbit-Hole
2010, HD, no sound, 06:35 min
You are the Center of the World
2015, 4k, cinemascope, sound, 16:42 min

The work of Julia Charlotte Richter demonstrates that art has the ability to comment and critically reflect the contemporaneity, without being cheap or superficial. The engaged position of the artist as a part of the world is naturally implied in her work. 

Julia Charlotte Richter was born in 1982 in Gießen. She studied in Kassel in Class of Björn Melhus and at HBK Braunschweig. She participated in many international shows and received awards and scholarships, including Project Funding, Bösenberg-Stiftung Meinersen in 2015. Also she had solo exhibitions in galleries such as Kunsthaus Essen or Galerie Perpetuel, Frankfurt am Main. Her works have been shown in film and video festivals including IKFF - Hamburg International Short Film Festival and many others.

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ASC Klinika
Prague, Czech rep.
20:00 | 24.5. 2016
Galeria Stanica
Žilina, Slovakia
19:00 | 3.8 2016

Clemens Wilhelm

Kiki Der Kriegshund
2012, Found Footage Video, HDV, 23' - German with English subtitles
Peter Ist Tot
2012, Found Footage Video, 15' - German with English subtitles
2010, Video Performance, 15' - German with English subtitles

Tell me a joke and I will tell you who you are, where you are from, and on which side of iron curtain you've lived. That is one topic you could meet in the works of Clemens Wilhelm. For the second episode of Návštěva, we will let him give us a tour through the different possible identities of Germany.

Clemens Wilhelm was born in West-Berlin in 1980. He graduated in 2009 from HBK Braunschweig in the classes Candice Breitz and Michael Brynntrup. His works are shown internationally in galleries and film festivals. He was awarded the First Prize of Now & After Video Art Festival Moscow for "Peter Is Dead". He received several scholarships and was artist in residence at Organhaus Art Space Chongqing (CN), SIM Reykjavik (IS), Buitenwerkplaats Amsterdam (NL), Titanik Gallery/SUMU Turku (FI), LKV Trondheim (NO), and FUTURA Prague (CZ).

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ASC Klinika
Praha, CZ
20:00 | 22. 03. 2016

Yao Jui - Chung

Long Live
2011, 5'29" , HD
Long, Long Live
2011, 7'19", HD
LSD - Lost Society Document
2014, 41'26", Dokument

První z promítacích večerů představíme mezinárodně uznávaného umělce z Tchaj-wanu Yao Jui - Chung, jeho dvě krátká videa “Long live” (2011-2012) a Long, Long Live (2013) a dokument prezentující jeho dlouhodobý investigativní projekt o špatné politice “LSD-Lost Society Document” (2012).

Práce Yao Jui - Chunga je zastoupena v muzeiích a galeriích na Tchaj-wanu (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan); v Austrálii (Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane); USA (Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art Collection, Cornell University); Francii (Bibliothèque National de France, Paris); v Koreji (Art Museum of Seoul) a v mnoha jiných soukromých sbírkách.


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