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What is the project Návštěva?


Návštěva is an independent project aiming to present contemporary art in relation to contemporary society. It presents works, artists, strategies and practices that actively inhabit existing space. Critical thinking and strategies revitalize artists' influence and responsibility to their living environment, shared with others of the society: these are the themes that návštěva exerts to explore.


Project doesn't concentrate mainly on contemporary art venues, therefore isn't tied to one single space; the idea is rather to travel from one place to another, between countries, cities and nations. However its' focus is on running it in public spaces such as schools, cinemas theatres or galleries.

The only firm spot of project is this website containing archive of interviews with presented artists and events. As project's name suggests, Návštěva ("the visit" in Czech) is about sharing, connecting and exploring. Interconnecting local audience with remote artists that otherwise might be hardly knowable due to distances or other boundaries. Therefore, project intends to present their work in a way which allows experiencing their work in a wider context, to comprehend it and experience. In other words: to arrange a visit.



partners and support

autonomní sociální centrum Klinika

Klinika ASC

Klinika collective try to keep the programme as diverse as we can while still putting great emphasis on our principles – we present Klinika as anticapitalist, antiauthorian, and, above all, safe space. 
But we feel the necessity of being more than just a cultural centre – a community place, where people can meet, do gardening, read in our library and infoshop, bring/take things in freeshop, come with their children (as there is children club every Wednesday) etc. Klinika also functions as a platform for meetings of other antiauthorian collectives and individuals.

more here:

Gallery Plusmínusnula

Gallery "Plusmínusnula" is a 37 m² space devoted to contemporary art next to kunsthalle "Nova Synagoga" in Žilina in Slovakia. The project is a result of cooperation of Truc Spherique and Museum of City Brno.

Karlin studios

Was founded in 2005 by Alberto Di Stefano and artist Jiří David. KS is a former factory hall of ČKD in Prague's Karlín quarter. This includes a 500 m² exhibition space curated by the FUTURA team and 17 artist studios with concessionary rent provided to Czech and international artists for at least one year.
KS also provides space for the documentation centre - the Foundation for Contemporary art, an extensive archive of Czech contemporary artists and two independently run galleries (KIV and K.ART.ON).


people in project

Jan Martinec

*1984 in Czech and Slovak Federation

Graduate from fine art department at Academy of Art Architecture and Design in Prague and Pedagogical faculty at South-Bohemian University. Interested in relationship between artists and society, particularly the public role of artist and connected responsibilities. Understands art as a autonomous space where the root concepts of our existence could be truly questioned. Redefinition and questioning is what is seen as important. Believes that once kinds are united, they will never be separated.

Juliana Höschlová

*1987, Praha

Graduated in studio of conceptual painting in Fine Art Academy in Prague. During one year exchange at Taiwan concluded a serie of interviews with Taiwanese artists therefore exploring a Taipei’s art scene. Through medium of drawing she comments contemporary social and political issues reflected by twisting world of global media. Next to drawing she practice performance, painting and video. “Project návštěva is my civic duty”. 

Zlata Borůvková

Zlata Borůvková

*1986, Czechoslovakia

Studied history of art and curatorial studies in Prague, Dusseldorfu and ůstí nad Labem. In 2015 she was commisioned to curatorial program in ZGK in Leipzig, Germany. Recently works in plusmínusnula gallery in žilina, Slovakia. She is a member of a Baba Toure Collective. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ? Interested in difference between narrative and generaly percieved reality and connected problems of identity, fiction and manipulation. (☯⛪☭+ ♲ + ⚥⚤ + ☠♡). 

Kristýna Kopřivová

*1987 Oslo

studied humanitites and cultural studies, Theory of art in Prague, Ústí nad Labem, London and Israel. Since 2016 studies at KDT FAMU, Prague. 

Interested in general engagement of individuals and collectives, widely role of art in critical situations of day-to-day experience in certain time span and certain geopolitical context; Understands as important to pay attention to ostensibly unimportant or banal situations, as to a general symptoms of wider and bigger problems or even indications of a whole era rather than to a individual problem of person or a place.

Tomáš Kovařík

*1996 in Prague

Enrolled in English studies at the Faculty of Arts, CU in Prague. Obsessed with contemporary anglophone literature, modern metal music and other obscure genres found on the internet; currently in the processes of accepting a future as an English teacher and the delaying of this inevitability by playing bass guitar in an unknown, Prague-based band.